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On 11 July, 2021, Petersburg Alumni Chapter (PAC) hosted their College and Career Success Business Retreat in support of their Kappa League Program in Mechanicsville, VA. The event consisted of young men who are currently college students and a few who will begin their college matriculation in the fall. To make this event collaborative, the leadership team at PAC (Brothers Wigglesworth, Johnson, Lyons, and Evans) reached out to the Fort Lee Alumni Chapter (FLAC) for support of this great event.

On this day, Brothers Sam Burns and Carl Brown were on site to provide information on careers in the Federal Government but specifically, the Department of the Army Logistics Apprentice Program at Fort Lee, VA. While Brother Burns and Brown provided insight to those programs, they also took the opportunity to discuss other key areas that directly impact the overall success of young African American men entering the job market. Some of the areas discussed were effective communication, professionalism, resume writing, professional attire, optics, preparation for interviews, and other interview techniques.

As we engaged with these young men, to our delight, we found Mr. Christopher Parham in attendance at the retreat. Christopher is a 2021 FLAC scholarship winner and will be attending VSU in the fall to pursue a degree in Computer Science. While we were shocked to see Mr. Parham, it was breath taking to see so many young African American men investing in themselves through the Kappa League Program.

This was an exceptional event, held at an amazing venue. On behalf of the FLAC leadership, we would like to extend our appreciation to PAC for including us in the growth and development of these young men.

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On 14 August, 2021, Brother Ollie and Silhouette Catherine Brown celebrated 67 years of wedding bliss. FLAC’s Polemarch (Cortez Frazier), along with the Senior Kappa Committee, thought it prudent that we find a way to recognize this couple’s monumental achievement. As the current COVID conditions did not allow a true in person celebration, FLAC leadership decided to find another means to ensure this day was etched in FLAC history. The decision was made to conduct a drive by celebration. At 10:00 a.m., on 14 August, several members of the chapter met at Brother Brown’s home in South Chesterfield where we parked vehicles on the street and gathered on

his lawn to commemorate this special day. Brother Keith Brown (his son) escorted Brother and Silhouette Brown onto the porch at which time the Polemarch preceded to provide laudatory comments in recognition of their anniversary. As Polemarch provided comments, he also presented Brother Brown with a card and Silhouette Brown with a bouquet consisting of two dozen red and white roses. He then opened the floor up for comments. Several brothers weighed-in with comments that centered around respect, admiration, consistency, love, and setting the example for all to follow.

After brothers provided comments, Brother Brown said a few words on behalf of his family. While delivering his speech, he was so overcome with emotion that tears overflowed his eyes. He expressed how much he really appreciated brothers taking time out of their schedules to recognize him and silhouette.

It was fitting that the chapter continue to recognize the Brown family. Afterall, Brother Brown is a charter member and one of the visionaries who established FLAC. With the assistance of Silhouette Brown, he has been able to do the work of Kappa. Brother and Silhouette

Brown has blessed Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc, with three generations of Kappa men. Brother Ollie Brown is a 1950 initiate of Virginia State University (Alpha Phi), his son Keith is a1978 initiate of Virginia Commonwealth University (Eta Xi), his two grandsons, Keith Jr. and Derek are also initiates of Virginia Commonwealth University (Eta Xi) in 2002 and 2010 respectively.

The legacy that he and Silhouette will leave is a lasting one as they recently welcomed their 6th great-grandchild into the family. A baby boy who we expect will add to the Kappa legacy.

FLAC prides itself on taking care of our seniors by ensuring that we take the time to give them their flowers while they are here to smell them. This was another clear example of that. Brother Ollie and Silhouette Brown have been a part of the chapter since it was chartered in 1980. They have labored to ensure its success and after 67 years of marriage, Brother Brown still attends meetings, comes out to support events, mentors, and sets an impeccable example of what a Kappa man strives to be.

This was a historical event for FLAC as it is rare to witness a couple celebrating 67 years of marriage in these times. Brother Ollie and Silhouette Catherine are a shining example of commitment, perseverance, and love. It goes without saying what this couple has and still means to our chapter. Congratulations again to this amazing couple.

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