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Our Chapter

The Fort Gregg-Adams (VA) Alumni Chapter

Formerly known as Fort Lee, the Fort Gregg-Adams (VA) Alumni Chapter, received its charter even though there was a chapter already in the Tri-City area of Virginia. It was determined that the Military and civilian personnel in the area definitely needed an Alumni Chapter they could identify with during their tours of duty while at Fort Gregg-Adams.

We represent Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated ® with sustained excellence, demonstrated through community support, youth development/leadership, and selfless

Our Mission

The mission of the Fort Gregg-Adams (VA) Alumni Chapter is to provide community service, youth development, support and welcome transient military members (brothers and their families) traveling through Fort Gregg-Adams, and fortifying the fraternal bond of brotherhood though various engagement opportunities

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Our Mission

Our Goals

  • Youth development through Guide Right

  • Serve the local community

  • Recognize 50 Year / Senior Brothers

  • Increase Reclamation, Retention & Recruitment Efforts

  • Enhance Organizational Effectiveness and Efficiencies

Our Goals


Our Silhouettes are an integral part of this Chapter for behind every great Kappa Man is a beautiful Silhouette.  Fort Gregg-Adams Silhouettes currently assist with coordinating our annual picnic, decorating for fundraisers, and mingle through planned activities. These ladies stand ready to assist their husbands, not out of obligation but out of LOVE!

From the Brothers to the Silhouettes…… WE LOVE YOU!

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Our Silhouettes

We Need Your Support Today!



As the Fort Gregg-Adams (VA) Alumni Chapter continues to grow, a few of our members have reached the pentacle of 50 Year Brother, while others achieved Senior Brother status (60 years or older) yet remain active and engaged. Thus, it is the charge of this Chapter to identify that this is the time to give back to those that have given their life to Kappa.


Brothers of the Fort Gregg-Adams (VA) Alumni Chapter will continue to pay homage to our 50 Year/Senior Brothers.  It is incumbent on us to respect and revere them while imitating the actions that has brought them to this point in life. It is the goal of this Chapter to recognize and reward our 50 Year/Senior Brothers for their many years of labor for the “Good of Kappa.”

50 Year Brothers
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