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About Us

From the beginning, the Fort Gregg-Adams (VA) Alumni Chapter, aka FGAAC, had men of vision and resolve. The thirteen (13) charter members wanted a Kappa Chapter to strive for achievement and fellowship in the great tradition of the most” Illustrious Elder Watson Diggs.” The chapter was Chartered on 22 November 1980. The thirteen Charter Members are Brothers:

Frederick Atkins, Ollie Brown, William B. Croom, Nathaniel Fleming II, Alan Johnson, Richard F. Oliver, Herbert G. Coleman, Gene Page, Earl Robbins Jr., Turban Robinson, George Snoddy, Charlie F. Thompson, and Andrew White

FGAAC has grown in its membership and activities since its charter. Each line has brought together men of various thoughts and backgrounds. However, each line was molded into a oneness, a togetherness that helped each individual grow in the bond of fraternal life, reflecting unselfishness and a striving for achievement.

An Intake program with a new concept in Fraternity growth began in the Fort Gregg-Adams Alumni Chapter with the tenth (10) line - Winter of 1991. A four-week training program was conducted before the issuance of credentials. The perspectives were initiated upon packet approval by the Eastern Province Polemarch.


The Fort Gregg-Adams Alumni Chapter has helped each member become more sensitive to the bond and fruits of Fraternal Life and focus on the desire for togetherness while striving for achievement.         

From the beginning of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity in 1911 to the coming Fraternity year of 2023-2024, the DREAMS, IDEALS, and OBJECTIVES are still entrenched in the same fire and craving for fellowship that the original ten founders had. FGAAC has progressed along that same plane as the Grand Chapter. Although we have the camaraderie of a small chapter, we are a medium size chapter with a large-sized dedication to Community, Fellowship, Achievement, and Service.

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